Far UVC (222nm) Disinfection Solutions

222 Pure-Air™  Series

  • Kills 99.9% of all pathogens
  • Safe for occupied spaces
  • Fast, efficient and reliable disinfection
  • Chemical free disinfection process
  • Several mounting options
Praesidio  is proud to introduce the 222 Pure-Air ™ series from FORMOSA, our line of filtered 222nm Far UVC disinfection solutions for microbial reduction applications.

222 Pure-Air™ products can be safely used in unoccupied and occupied spaces without posing a health risk to humans when used within the current exposure limits recommended by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®) or the requirements of IEC 62471.

222 Pure-Air™ products contain highly efficient 222nm lamps and a filter that eliminates dangerous longer wavelengths of more than 230nm.

Safe, easy and efficient disinfection systems are now a reality.


With the 222 Pure-Air™ solution, organisations can take action to protect high traffic and high touch areas, thereby creating healthier working environments for all employees and visitors.

Hospitals,  Hotel Rooms,  Airports,  Meeting Rooms,  Schools,  Factory Floors

Product Models

Model AU-101 (Wall or Ceiling Mount)

  • Suitable for Wall or Ceiling Mounting
  • Dimensions 310mm x 160mm x 50mm
  • Includes Motion Sensor and Indication LEDs
  • Proprietary Filter ensures narrowband 222nm Emission
  • Mercury Free – Environmental Friendly
  • Effective Reduction of Viruses, Bacteria, and Spores
  • Wide Operating Temperature
  • Instantaneous On/Off at Full Output Power
  • No Lifetime Reduction by Frequent On/Off Cycles
  • Environmental Friendly – Mercury Free & Minimal Ozone Emission
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  • Input Voltage  110/240Vac 50/60Hz (non-switched)
  • Operating temp  0 – 40C
  • UV Risk Group  RG3
  • Power  16W
  • Standards   Complies with IEC 62471, IEC 60950
  • Mode 1 – Continuous Mode
  • Mode 2 – Vacancy Mode
  • Mode 3 – Permanent Mode
  • Mode 4 – Demo Mode
(Modes set via Dipswitch at time of installation)

See the Scientific Research

It is well known within the medical sector that traditional UVC lighting is an efficient and thorough way of sanitising large rooms and surfaces within a medical setting. The reason that UVC lighting is not used as a sanitising solution for wider applications is because of the wavelength used. This wavelength (254nm) used in traditional UVC, whilst effective in killing viruses and bacteria, is also harmful to humans. This means that UVC lighting solutions can only be used away from humans, in pre-evacuated spaces. This is until now.


222 Pure-Air™ disinfection solutions harnesses all of the virus and bacteria killing efficacy of traditional UVC without being hazardous to humans. How does it do this? Traditional UVC solutions use wavelength 254nm, a wavelength which is harmful to the human skin and eyes. 222 Pure-Air™ uses a different wavelength of 222nm. This wavelength is still proficient at inactivating bacteria and viruses. However, it cannot penetrate the human skin or tear layer of the human eye.  See below for several research papers.


Exploratory clinical trial on the safety and bactericidal effect of 222-nm ultraviolet C irradiation in healthy humans

Far-UVC light (222 nm) efficiently and safely inactivates airborne human coronaviruses

Long-term Effects of 222-nm ultraviolet radiation C Sterilizing Lamps

Study Finds Repetitive Irradiation with 222 nm UV-C Does Not Cause Skin Cancer

In the video below, Dr. Brenner of the Columbia University Medical Centre discusses the efficacy and safety of Far UVC 222nm wavelength.  Properly utilised, it will be a huge step forward in controlling and minimising the transmission of Covid19 and also other harmful viruses, bacteria and pathogens.

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