SHIELD Thermal Scanner

Combine fever detection with access control

Stop any individual with an elevated temperature from accessing your premises. The SHIELD measures and logs body temperature and SHIELD software enables access control.

  • Body temperature & facial recognition scanner
  • Allows Safe return of customers, clients & staff
  • Allows Safe return to offices, schools, hospitals & public space

Why use the SHIELD from Praesidio?
1. Secure quick scan with on-board Artificial Intelligence
2. Provides access control integration for automatic entry
3. Centralised management for multiple scanners
4. 100% hands-free user authentication
5. Easy Installation with help from Praesidio

The Praesidio SHIELD can prevent people with elevated temperature or no mask from entering your offices, schools, hospitals & public spaces.

Download Datasheet.

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• Available with Vertical Floor Stand, Table Top or Wall Mount
• Centralised management software for multiple devices and scan data
• Optional real-time email alerts to select recipients
• Supports multiple interfaces for automatic doors and access control systems
• Affordable prices for outright purchase.
Renting options at affordable weekly fees

Rent Now from €35 per week

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the SHIELD powered?
Can the SHIELD differentiate between a fever and a hot objects such as a ‘hot cup of tea’?
How long does it take to recognise a face and measure temperature?
Will the SHIELD detect if a face mask is being worn?
How many devices are required for my facility?
What operation modes are possible with the SHIELD?
Can the SHIELD work outdoors?
Is the SHIELD CE approved?
How is facial recognition handled?
Is there an alarm when a person with fever is detected?
Does it save photos of visitors?
Can the SHIELD provide facial recognition even with a mask on the face?
What is the blue LED light for?
Can software be upgraded?
Is the SHIELD connected to the cloud?
Does the SHIELD connect with doors, gates, peripheral devices & network?
What distance should the user be from the SHIELD?
Does the central management software work on Apple computers?
Can faces from a large database of existing pictures be imported?
Does facial recognition work with and without masks?
Can it connect to LAN via Wi-Fi?
Can software be upgraded?
Does it use the network or the cloud to do facial recognition?
Does Praesidio assist with installation?
Is my data secure?
Is data stored in the cloud?



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